Stop The Bullying Mediation

Mediation is offered as a way of finding peace between all parties involved in the bullying. Bullying behaviour may involve individuals or groups, including families - either as victim/s or perpetrator/s.

The goal is to reach understanding and agreement by both/all parties and to negotiate a way to coexist at least civilly and at best amicably, in the school, home or work environment.

The personal non-judgmental approach that is important with counselling is even more so with mediation. Often emotions are running high for the parties involved, sometimes after a long period of repeated bullying.

It is therefore important that all parties are heard by an impartial facilitator where each person's views and needs are considered.

This is an particularly important during family mediation when children are involved. Even though the parents themselves are suffering pain, this is often so intense that children's needs can be overlooked.

Practitioners of Stop the Bullying hold the philosophy that each person's needs warrant respect and due consideration, including those of children and possibly other relatives such as grandparents.

Christine Bennett offers mediation and Family Dispute Resolution as a trained practitioner registered with the Attorney General's Department. (See listing on Family Dispute Resolution Register.)

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Stop the bullying counselling, mediation and workshops in Sydney and Central Coast

Mediation in the workplace, private sessions or even in the school environment, can help resolve differences and reach a place of understanding and acceptance.

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