How Will Counselling Help?

Counselling offers a way of healing the wide array of emotional responses that may occur as a result of repeated attacks of bullying. You may be the victim or the perpetrator of bullying behaviour. My philosophy is that both parties need equal amounts of help in order to heal.

A victim of bullying often suffers from poor self esteem, a fear of socializing, depression, anxiety. PTSD and compromised performance at school or work.

The perpetrator has often suffered abuse themselves growing up in an unhealthy or violent home environment. One misguided way of dealing with feelings of unworthiness and lack of power is to take it out on someone who is even more vulnerable - an easy target. The perpetrator is often a victim of bullying or abuse themselves.

Some emotions you may need help managing are fear, anger, sadness, shame, humiliation, hurt, frustration, pity, guilt and/or confusion.

Counselling will help you:

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Stop the bullying counselling, mediation and workshops in Sydney and Central Coast

Counselling can help heal from the damage to self esteem and facilitate building new assertive and coping skills.

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