Bullying When Dating

It may seem exciting at first. Meeting someone with that attractor factor can be quite wonderful. It may take a while however, before realizing that something isn't quite right. Or - it may happen suddenly before you know what is happening.

Not all dates are chocolates and roses. What if your date starts pressuring you for sex before you have finished your first course? What if you leave the restaurant and he starts following you home? What if he or she hacks into your Facebook account? What if he/she is waiting in the car park at your place of work without arranging a meeting? What if he/she calls in the middle of the night to check whether you are home?

Bullying behaviour when dating is likely to get worse rather than better over time. If you hang around and continue dating someone who is abusive in any way, there is really only one person who can change that. It will only stop if you leave and are unavailable to be hurt anymore. If you are misguided into believing that marriage will solve the problem, then you are simply exchanging bullying on a date for domestic violence.

Please consider leaving while you can and if necessary take out an Apprehended Violence Order if your former dating partner continues to harass you.

Signs of bullying behaviour on a date

All this is weird behaviour and may amount to bullying, sexual harassment or stalking.

Resources for when you are dating

Stop the bullying counselling, mediation and workshops in Sydney and Central Coast

Romance can soon turn to a nightmare if your date doesn't get what they want. Know the signs of bullying behaviour and take steps to protect yourself as soon as possible. Dial 000 if necessary.

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