About Christine Bennett

Christine offers consultations through her private practice in Crows Nest, Central Coast NSW and online.

She has provided counselling, psychotherapy, clinical supervision, coaching and training now for 20 years. Her training in education, psychological practice and Family Dispute Resolution have given Christine a unique blend of skills to help her clients.

With the increasing prevalence of bullying and harassment along with the awareness of how dire the consequences of this behaviour can be for the victims, Christine is offering specialist counselling, mediation and workshops. Through these avenues, the hope is to facilitate understanding, coping mechanisms and healing for both victims and perpetrators of bullying behaviour.

Both the bullied and the bully suffer pain and Christine's expertise is offered to help heal the consequences to both parties. Diminished self esteem, anxiety, depression, anger, rage, suicidal tendencies are all possibilities when caught up in bullying behaviour.

Qualifications and Memberships

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